It can be seen that the formulation with LT-1000 DRILLING BASE (Fractional Distillation Mineral Oil) achieved a very good emulsion with values of 1,850 volts, much stronger than conventional Oil Base Drilling Fluids.

Drilling standards require Emulsions Stability greater than 700 volts. It is noteworthy that large fluid companies work very hard to achieve these range parameters with their own products and formulations and get values around 600 and 800 volts for a new fluid, while we at Exo Solvent reach 1,224 volts in emulsion stability with LT-1000 DRILLING FLUID BASE and E.S. to 1,850 volts for a new fluid. This strong an emulsion without greatly increasing the cost is rarely seen in the oilfield.


This formulation is a medium-density invert emulsion mud, ideal for medium-pressure zones and intervals with large amounts of contaminants and reactive shales. As the emulsion is extremely strong it can resist high CO2 and other acid gas well intrusions, as well as fresh or salt water inflows, although some fluid parameters will vary as salinity or OWR, this will not break the emulsion because this fluid is very strong and stable.

Its alkalinity is excellent and its salinity can be adjusted depending on the formation to be drilled and to drill salt domes efficiently.

LT 1000 Drilling Fluid System has a thixotropic suitable for the density and fluid types much better and more versatile than the others formulations. It has good gel structure to contain gassing and pressure when the fluid is static with no movement in the well, however you can move it a little up and down according to specific needs of operation in the field.