At Exo Solvent LLC, we focus on providing technology in chemicals, solvents, and oil-based drilling fluids with low toxicity and high performance for the oil industry, with a high sense of social and environmental responsibility. Our line of mineral oils and drilling fluids are especially designed for horizontal and directional drilling in high-demand and hostile environments, where fluids with extra strong and stable emulsions are required and conventional oil-based fluids (Diesel base) with weakest emulsions have restricted use because of their environmental impact.

Our team is comprised of professionals with expertise and experience in the areas of chemicals, environment, toxicology and drilling fluids, with a great sense of ecological responsibility.

Our company manufactures its own very low-toxicity solvents and products with unique patented technology.

At Exo Solvent, we soon found that environmental problems are closely tied. Energy costs have been continuously on the rise, to the extent of making economically feasible many non-traditional oil and gas production avenues, such as oil sands, tight shale and sands productions, coal bed methane, etc.

Many production wells have their exploitation feasibility intimately related to the price of energy and environmental costs, if they are to be operated in an environmentally responsible manner.

Therefore, our company is now heavily engaged in field applications, not just for the care of the environment but in finding ways to create synergy within the non-traditional oil and gas production.